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How to Zip Sleeping Bags Together

Are you planning a camping trip with your partner and wondering how to stay warm and cozy during those chilly nights? Zipping two sleeping bags together is an excellent solution that ensures both comfort and togetherness.

Zip-together sleeping bags are a type of sleeping gear designed to be zipped together, creating a larger space. They are commonly used by campers, couples, or friends who want to share a sleeping area while camping.

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Materials Needed

  • Two mummy sleeping bags with compatible zippers
  • A flat surface or ground to work on

Zipping Two Mummy Sleeping Bags Together

Zipping Two Mummy Sleeping Bags Together

Zipping two mummy sleeping bags together can be a great way to create a larger sleeping space for two people while camping or travelling.

Choose Compatible Sleeping Bags

Ensure that the two mummy sleeping bags you want to zip together have compatible zippers. Check if the zippers are of the same size, type, and are designed to be zipped together. It’s often easier if the bags are from the same brand or model.

Prepare the Sleeping Bags

Lay out both sleeping bags on a flat surface with the zippers facing up. Make sure they are aligned properly and the openings are in the same direction.

Open the Zippers

Unzip both sleeping bags completely, opening them up like blankets.

Align the Sleeping Bags

Place one sleeping bag on top of the other, making sure that the zippers are aligned along the side that you want to zip together. The hoods of the sleeping bags should be at the same end.

Start Zipping

Begin zipping the two sleeping bags together by connecting the zippers. Insert one of the zipper pulls into the other zipper’s slider and carefully slide it up. Make sure the teeth of the zippers interlock properly as you go.

Zip Carefully

Take your time while zipping the bags together to avoid snagging the fabric or damaging the zippers. Gently guide the zipper pull along the track, making sure it stays aligned.

Zip Fully

Continue zipping until you reach the bottom of the bags. Ensure that the zippers are fully closed and secure.

Secure the Bottom

Some sleeping bags have a small fabric flap or cover at the bottom end where the zippers meet. If your sleeping bags have this feature, secure it to prevent the zippers from accidentally coming apart during sleep.

Test the Connection

Before getting inside the sleeping bags, test the connection by gently pulling the bags apart to ensure that the zippers are securely fastened.

Get Inside and Enjoy

With the sleeping bags successfully zipped together, both you and your camping partner can now get inside the combined sleeping space. Enjoy the extra room and warmth provided by the joined sleeping bags.

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How do I unzip a double sleeping bag?

How do I unzip a double sleeping bag?

Lay the Bag Flat

Place the bag on a flat surface, ensuring it’s not twisted or folded.

Locate the Zippers

Identify the zippers that connect the two sleeping bags. There are usually zippers along both sides of the bags.

Unzip Gradually

Start unzipping the zippers from the foot end of the bag. Use a gentle, steady motion to avoid snagging the fabric or damaging the zippers.

Both Campers Unzip

If there are two people inside the double sleeping bag, both should unzip their respective sides simultaneously to avoid strain on the zippers.

Fold Open

Once the zippers are fully undone, carefully fold open the sleeping bag to create two separate sleeping spaces.

Secure Zippers

Make sure the zippers are securely closed when not in use to prevent damage and to maintain the bag’s overall performance.

Exploring Top Zip-Together Sleeping Bags

Exploring Top Zip-Together Sleeping Bags

If you’re looking for high-quality zip-together sleeping bags to enhance your camping experience, consider these top options that offer comfort, versatility, and convenience:

Teton Sports Tracker Double Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Tracker Double Sleeping Bag

The Teton Sports Tracker Double Sleeping Bag is designed for couples and partners who want to share their camping adventures while enjoying individual sleeping space.

Key features of this sleeping bag include:

Size and Comfort: With a generous size of 87″ x 63″, this sleeping bag offers ample space for two people. The soft brushed poly-flannel lining provides a cosy and comfortable sleeping surface.

Warmth and Insulation: The Tracker Double Sleeping Bag is rated for temperatures down to 5°F (-15°C), making it suitable for colder camping conditions. The SuperLoft Elite fibre fill insulation ensures excellent warmth retention.

Zip-Together Design: The bag comes with a full-length zipper on each side, allowing you to easily zip two bags together to create a double sleeping space. This feature ensures compatibility and a secure connection.

Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag is designed for versatility, offering the flexibility to use it as two separate sleeping bags or a spacious double bag.

Key features include:

Convertible Design: This sleeping bag can be separated into two individual bags or combined to create a large, comfortable double sleeping bag. This adaptability makes it suitable for different camping scenarios.

Size and Insulation: The Tandem Sleeping Bag can comfortably accommodate two adults, providing ample space. The bags are insulated with Coletherm hollow polyester, offering warmth in temperatures as low as 45°F (7°C).

Comfortable Materials: The sleeping bag features a soft brushed polyester cover and liner for added comfort. The ZipPlow system helps prevent zipper snagging.

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Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Double Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Double Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Double Sleeping Bag is designed for couples who prioritise comfort and warmth. It’s a backpacker-friendly option that offers versatility and performance.

Key features include:

Integrated Pad Sleeve: This sleeping bag features an integrated pad sleeve that accommodates two sleeping pads (not included). This prevents the pads from shifting and enhances overall comfort.

Warmth and Rating: The King Solomon 15 is designed for cold-weather camping, with a temperature rating of 15°F (-9°C). The bag is insulated with high-quality synthetic insulation to keep you warm in chilly conditions.

Zippers and Compatibility: The bag has two separate zippers, allowing easy access and customization for each sleeper. It’s designed to zip together with other Big Agnes double-wide bags, ensuring compatibility for couples.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase


If you’re buying sleeping bags specifically to zip together, consider purchasing a “double” or “couple’s” sleeping bag designed for this purpose. These bags often have features like a central zipper and evenly distributed insulation.

Brand and Model

If you’re planning to zip two existing sleeping bags together, choosing bags from the same brand and model increases the likelihood of compatibility.

Zipper Quality

Look for sleeping bags with high-quality zippers that are durable and smooth. Cheap or flimsy zippers can be frustrating to use and may not hold up well over time.

Size and Dimensions

Ensure that the dimensions of the two sleeping bags are compatible. The combined width should provide enough space for both sleepers comfortably.

User Preferences

Consider the preferences of both users. Some people may prefer more space to move around, while others prioritise warmth and snugness.


Some sleeping bags come with additional features like built-in pillows, draft collars, and stash pockets. Consider whether these features enhance your camping experience.

Trial Run

If possible, try zipping the two bags together before heading out to ensure they fit well and provide the desired level of comfort.

Benefits of Zip-Together Sleeping Bags

Benefits of Zip-Together Sleeping Bags

They offer several advantages for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to share sleeping space while maintaining individual sleeping bags.

Flexibility and Customization

They provide the flexibility to adjust the sleeping arrangement based on your preferences. You can easily connect or disconnect the bags as needed, allowing for customization of sleeping space for different situations.

Couples and Family Camping

Sleeping bags are ideal for couples or families camping together. They allow partners or children to sleep close to each other while still having their separate sleeping bags. This can enhance the camping experience and promote a sense of togetherness.

Temperature Regulation

If one person feels colder, they can choose a warmer sleeping bag, while the other person can opt for a lighter one. This ensures that both sleepers stay comfortable throughout the night.

Space Efficiency

Rather than carrying a bulky double sleeping bag, zip-together sleeping bags save space in your camping gear. This is especially useful if you’re backpacking or have limited storage space.

Individual Movement

Zipped-together sleeping bags provide the benefits of shared sleeping space without sacrificing individual movement. Each sleeper can adjust their position or get in and out of the bag without disturbing the other.

Easy Separation

If circumstances change or if you prefer to sleep separately, unzipping the bags is quick and hassle-free. This versatility is particularly useful in situations where one person might want to sleep outside the tent or take a quick break.


They are designed with compatible zippers, making it straightforward to combine bags from the same brand and model. This ensures a secure connection and reduces the risk of the bags coming apart during sleep.

Cost-Effective Option

Instead of investing in a dedicated double sleeping bag, zipping them together can be a more cost-effective solution for couples or partners who occasionally camp together.

Storage and Cleaning

Storing and cleaning two separate sleeping bags can be more manageable compared to a large double sleeping bag. Additionally, if one bag gets dirty or wet, it won’t affect the other person’s sleeping arrangement.


They are versatile and can be used in various camping scenarios. Whether you’re camping with friends, family, or a partner, these bags offer a convenient sleeping solution.

Common Zipper Problems and Solutions

Common Zipper Problems and Solutions

Zipper problems can be frustrating, especially when you’re out camping or trying to stay warm in your sleeping bag.

Here are some common zipper issues you might encounter with your Coleman sleeping bag and solutions to troubleshoot them:

Zipper Gets Stuck or Jammed

Gently wiggle the zipper pull while applying slight pressure in both directions. Avoid forcing it, as that could worsen the jam. Check for fabric or debris caught in the teeth and remove it carefully. If needed, apply a small amount of zipper lubricant to ease movement.

Zipper Won’t Stay Closed

Look for obstructions in the zipper path, such as fabric or threads. Ensure the zipper is properly aligned and the teeth interlock securely. Sometimes, this issue can occur due to a worn-out slider. If that’s the case, consider replacing the slider or seeking professional repair.

Zipper Pull Comes Off

If the pull tab comes off the slider, you can often slip it back on by aligning it correctly and applying gentle pressure. Alternatively, use pliers or a paperclip to grip the slider and move it along the teeth.

Misaligned Zipper Teeth

If the zipper teeth are misaligned, gently tug on the fabric near the teeth to straighten them. Ensure that the fabric is not caught in the teeth, as this can cause misalignment. Slowly guide the slider up or down to re-engage the teeth.

Zipper Fabric Gets Caught

If the surrounding fabric gets caught in the zipper, stop immediately to prevent damage. Gently ease the fabric out of the zipper’s grip using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Be cautious not to pull too forcefully.

Separating Zipper Pulls Apart

If the two zipper pulls separate (common in double sleeping bags), align the pulls and gently slide them back together along the teeth. Make sure the teeth interlock smoothly.

Zipper Slider is Loose

If the slider doesn’t grip the teeth properly, it might be loose. Use pliers to gently tighten the sides of the slider. Be careful not to over-tighten, as this can lead to other issues.

Zipper Track is Damaged

 If the zipper track is damaged or missing teeth, repair or replacement might be necessary. In some cases, professional repair services can salvage a damaged zipper.

Zipper Is Stiff or Difficult to Move

If the zipper is difficult to move, applying a specialized zipper lubricant can help. Gently rub the lubricant along the teeth to reduce friction and improve the zipper’s functionality.


Zip-together sleeping bags provide a fantastic solution for couples and camping buddies seeking extra warmth and comfort during outdoor adventures.

By carefully following the steps mentioned above, you can effortlessly combine two mummy sleeping bags into a cozy shared sleeping space. Remember to consider factors like bag compatibility, zipper alignment, and orientation for the best results. 


How do I know if my sleeping bags can be zipped together?

Look for single sleeping bags that are specifically designed to zip together. Check if they have double zippers or zippers on opposite sides for compatibility. Manufacturers often mention this feature in the product description.

Can I zip together any type of sleeping bag?

Not all sleeping bags are compatible for zipping together. Make sure you have two bags with the same zipper configuration (double zippers or opposite side zippers) and similar dimensions for a snug fit.

Do I need to buy a special kit to zip my sleeping bags together?

No, you usually don’t need a special kit. If your sleeping bags are designed for zipping together, they should have the necessary features built into their design. However, some brands might offer accessories to enhance the zipping process.

Can I zip bags with different temperature ratings together for added warmth?

While zipping together bags with different temperature ratings can provide some extra warmth, it’s important to note that the combined warmth will be closer to the lower temperature-rated bag. It’s recommended to use bags with similar temperature ratings for optimal comfort.

How do I prevent the zippers from jamming or sticking?

Regularly clean and lubricate the zippers with paraffin wax or a zipper lubricant. Avoid forcing the zippers if they get stuck; gentle manipulation and lubrication can usually resolve the issue.

Can I use zip-together sleeping bags individually as well?

Yes, that’s one of the benefits of zip-together sleeping bags. You can use them as separate single sleeping bags when needed, offering flexibility and customization for your camping setup.

Are zip-together sleeping bags suitable for backpacking trips?

It depends on the specific bags you have and your backpacking preferences. While some zip-together bags might be compact and lightweight enough for backpacking, others could be more suitable for car camping due to their size and weight.

How do I know which side to zip the bags together?

If your sleeping bags have a left zip bag and a right zip bag, position them with the openings facing each other. The zippers should be on the same side when zipped together.

Can I zip bags from different brands together?

It’s generally recommended to use sleeping bags from the same brand, as they are more likely to have compatible zippers and designs. However, if the zippers align properly, it might be possible to zip bags from different brands together, but compatibility isn’t guaranteed.

What should I do if my Coleman sleeping bag zippers are giving me trouble?

If you encounter zipper problems with your Coleman sleeping bag, refer to the specific instructions provided by Coleman. They might have guidance on how to address zipper issues or proper maintenance.

Can I zip more than two bags together?

While the concept of zipping multiple bags together might sound appealing, it could lead to alignment and comfort issues. It’s recommended to stick to zipping two bags together for the best sleeping experience.

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