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Big Ridge State Park Hiking Trails and Reviews

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Hike Genius

Overview of Hiking Trails in Big Ridge State Park

Trail 1: Lake Trail

Trail 1: Lake Trail

Trail 2: Big Valley Trail

Trail 2: Big Valley Trail



Trail 3: Indian Rock Trail

Trail 3: Indian Rock Trail

Difficulty Levels and Safety Tips for Hiking at Big Ridge State Park

Difficulty Levels and Safety Tips for Hiking at Big Ridge State Park

  • Stay hydrated: Carry an ample supply of water and drink regularly to prevent dehydration, especially during hot weather.
  • Wear appropriate footwear: Choose sturdy, comfortable hiking shoes or boots that provide good traction and ankle support.
  • Dress in layers: Always wear mufti layers of clothing, because sometimes the weather can be unforgiving.
  • Carry a trail map: Always carry a map, or anything else for navigation. It will bring confidence that you are going to the right path.
  • Pack essential supplies: Bring a backpack with essentials like snacks, a first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a flashlight.

Hiking Equipment and Packing Essentials

Hiking Equipment and Packing Essentials

  • Hiking boots: Invest in a pair of comfortable, waterproof hiking boots with good traction.
  • Backpack: Choose a sturdy backpack with enough capacity to carry your essentials.
  • Navigation tools: Carry a map, compass, or GPS device to navigate the trails effectively.
  • Appropriate clothing: Dress in moisture-wicking, breathable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Food and water: Pack lightweight, high-energy snacks and carry an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated.
  • First aid kit: Include basic first aid supplies like bandages, antiseptic ointment, and pain relievers.
  • Protection against the elements: Carry sunscreen, insect repellent, and a lightweight rain jacket.

Popular Attractions near Big Ridge State Park

Norris Dam State Park

Norris Dam State Park

Museum of Appalachia

Clinch River Brewing

Tips for Planning a Visit to Big Ridge State Park

To make the most of your visit to Big Ridge State Park, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Best Time to Visit

Visitors can enjoy Big Ridge State Park year-round, with each season offering its own unique charm. Spring brings blooming wildflowers and vibrant foliage, while fall showcases a breathtaking display of autumn colors.

Summer allows for swimming and water activities in the park’s lakes, and winter offers the opportunity to experience the tranquil beauty of the park covered in snow. Choose the time that aligns with your preferred activities and scenery.

Camping and Accommodation Options

For an immersive experience, consider camping at Big Ridge State Park. The park offers well-maintained campsites equipped with amenities such as picnic tables, fire rings, and access to restrooms.

Advanced reservations are recommended, especially during peak seasons.

If camping is not your preference, there are also lodging options available in the nearby towns. From cozy cabins to comfortable hotels, you can find accommodations that suit your needs and budget.

Want To Hike With Your Dog?

Permits and Regulations

Before your visit, familiarize yourself with the park’s regulations and permits. Follow designated trails, refrain from littering, and respect the wildlife and natural environment. If you plan to fish, ensure you have a valid fishing license as per the state’s requirements.

By adhering to the rules and regulations, you contribute to the preservation of the park’s beauty and ensure a positive experience for everyone.


Big Ridge State Park is a haven for hiking enthusiasts, offering a range of trails suitable for all skill levels. With its scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, and nearby attractions, the park provides an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. By planning your visit, understanding trail difficulties, and following safety guidelines, you can embark on a memorable adventure at Big Ridge State Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet on the hiking trails?

Yes, pets are allowed on the hiking trails at Big Ridge State Park. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times and their waste should be cleaned up.

Are there any swimming areas in the park?

Yes, Big Ridge State Park has designated swimming areas in its lakes. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the refreshing waters during the summer months.

How long does it take to complete each trail?

The duration to complete each trail varies depending on factors such as your hiking speed and the trail’s difficulty. On average, the Lake Trail takes about 1-2 hours, the Big Valley Trail takes 4-5 hours, and the Indian Rock Trail takes around 2-3 hours.

Are there guided tours available at Big Ridge State Park?

While Big Ridge State Park does not offer guided tours, the trails are well-marked, and trail maps are available for self-guided exploration.

Can I go fishing in the park?

Yes, fishing is allowed in the lakes at Big Ridge State Park. However, you need to have a valid Tennessee fishing license as per the state’s regulations.

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